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March 28, 2019 by katrina in Paranormal, Paranormal Lockdown
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As I’m sure you have heard over the last few weeks, and I write this with a heavy heart,  that unfortunately, Paranormal Lockdown has officially been cancelled and will not be continuing.

We certainly envisioned a few more years when we started. And when we wrapped the last season, I was very much looking forward to the possibility of working with my Lockdown family on another season. However, my career in the paranormal and television started long before Lockdown, and I learned quickly that when you take on a television project it’s with the knowledge that eventually every show will end. Even though it’s expected, that doesn’t stop it from being any less sad for everyone involved.

With that said, I’m extremely grateful that we were able to have four seasons! Countless shows don’t make it past a pitch, a pilot, or a first season, so I’m thankful we were given the chance. Throughout the entire journey, we have been supported. That support has given us an opportunity to explore so many ominous locations, document otherworldly experiences, and help preserve history. Make no mistake that is because of YOU, our loyal fans and supporters – cheering us on and tuning in every week, that we have done so much! You have been our champions through it all, and I sincerely and whole-heartedly thank you for that.

I poured my soul into every single investigation and put my health at risk to do so: multiple injuries, countless times being sick, and toxic environments; Lockdown was never just a TV show. However extremely challenging, there is so much I loved about Paranormal Lockdown… The work we were able to do is something that truly shaped my perceptions in the field. I consistently had to reevaluate my beliefs, overcome fear, and challenge myself every step of the way. It’s an understatement, but I am forever changed because of my time on Lockdown.

I’ve had countless letters from many of you who have expressed similar thoughts and your thanks in our investigations because you feel less alone, allowed you to explore a lifelong passion, or helped take the stigma away from searching for answers. Whatever it might be for you, that doesn’t have to end just because a TV show does. That’s one of the most amazing aspects of being in the paranormal field. It will continue through other projects for researchers and enthusiasts who can connect online, through events, and at investigations. Maybe you’ve even thought about joining or starting a group of your own?

I will miss seeing my Lockdown family regularly, but I certainly look forward to working with them on future collaborations. And I thank you so much for being on this journey with us. Your support has meant the world to me and I hope you’ll continue to join me as I delve deeper into the unknown.

With love and gratitude,

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