Paranormal Lockdown Season 2 12/16 on TLC!

December 10, 2016 by katrina in Paranormal Lockdown
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We are less than one week away for the premiere of Paranormal Lockdown season 2 now airing on TLC! I am beyond excited for you guys to see our investigations for season 2. I’ve been in this field for over ten years now and I can say that some of the evidence we’ve captured this season is like nothing I’ve ever seen before. These last few months have really made me question what I think I know (regarding the field) and has touched me on a very personal level when it comes to my spirituality.

We have been to some frightening, gritty and downright exhausting locations, but I think the evidence we’ve gathered of the unexplained make it all worth it.

On 12/16/16 we are having a TWO hour event with the premiere of our Monroe House investigation, which is now under police investigation, followed by Paranormal Lockdown Evidence Revealed where Nick and I talk with our good friend, paranormal journalist and researcher, Aaron Sagers about our investigations of season 1 & 2.

So when the holiday movies get to be too much and you need a break tune into TLC to catch our 2 hour event on Dec. 16th! It all starts at 9PM EST. Check TLC’s schedule for the 16th here


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