Gifts from my Grandmother Part I

March 6, 2016 by katrina in Gifts from Beyond
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Edited by Ingrid Cochrane

As some of you may know, my grandmother, June, recently passed away. Actually, it was exactly two years ago today. She was my role model and truly the glue that held our family together. To me, she was one of a handful of people that I never felt the need to explain who I am, she just knew. She understood me on a level that I don’t think I quite understand myself. To say this was a loss is an understatement.
Normally, I’m quiet when it comes to broadcasting my personal life. Recently, though, I’ve been getting quite a few inquires regarding messages from beyond. I thought perhaps now would be a good time to share this story.

Given the nature of my profession I’m usually asked, “Do you really believe there is life after death?” The short answer, yes. I have been on over one hundred investigations and have spoken to over a thousand witnesses to the paranormal. That, coupled with my personal experiences of illuminating figures, disembodied voices and witnessing exorcisms (you know, a typical day for a ghost hunter) I can firmly say… yes, I believe there is something more to life than what we see in our physical realm.
So what is that? Honestly, I don’t have that answer at this point in time. Will we ever have that answer? Well… I don’t have that answer either. Trust me, I’m getting to something.

In my work, we tend to focus on the negatives of life after death… possession, poltergeists, and curses. All spooky things, right? To be honest, those grisly images that popped up in your head when you read those words are actually quite rare. More often than not I get flooded with emails of inspiring messages people have received from beyond the grave. This, I believe, is one of those experiences.
My grandmother was a spiritual person. I had wondered when she passed, if she would, from wherever she is, let us know that she’s around. When we were kids, my sister and I used to hide her keys whenever she was visiting so she couldn’t leave. We loved her so much that we were determined to keep her at our house as long as we could. That’s either incredibly cute or incredibly creepy.
Either way, she would playfully get angry until a few hours had passed. At that point, we had better produce her keys. I was almost hoping my keys would mysteriously go missing as a sign that my grandmother was around and okay! Her 91st birthday was quickly approaching and with the holidays right around the corner I think we were all feeling her loss.

On a cold December afternoon, I was at my parent’s house sitting on the couch watching TV. Suddenly, I couldn’t hear out of my left ear. Immediately following that I heard voices in my right ear. The best way I can describe how it sounded would be listening to voicemails on your phone. I actually started looking frantically for my phone on my body, in my pocket, etc. because I was sure I had accidently dialed a number or was playing my voicemails. To my surprise my phone was on the coffee table, to my left, completely untouched. I heard a male voice say, “I feel like I’m going to die”. Then my left ear started to ring and my hearing went back to normal.
Logically, I think the male voice was from the television. There happened to be a scene involving two men in a sweat lodge on at the time. I swear this was a PG program.
Here’s the odd thing. It was only two men talking in the scene on TV and I distinctly heard a female voice before the male voice. Although I could not make out what the female voice said, she was very loud and masked all other sounds. The other thing I found odd was how close the voices sounded. It literally sounded like I was holding a phone up to my ear.

I’m sure many could say, “But the hearing was muffled in your left ear, it’s the acoustics of the room”. Good point. However, my parents have lived at their house for close to 30 years. I’m used to the acoustics, the sounds and any way a noise can travel in that house. Normally, I wouldn’t think much of this. A weird experience, but I would hardly label it paranormal.
What is odd is immediately following this experience. I got up and felt I had to find something. It was an urgent feeling. I first searched a spot above one of the doors, which holds an enclosed shelf for knickknacks. I found nothing out of the ordinary. I next went upstairs. An ancient TV stand covered with old papers, junk and a 1970s dollhouse, caught my eye.
I started on the bottom shelf. About 30 seconds into my search, I found what I believe I was looking for. Was I being led to find this all along?
My grandmother was an artist. In her lifetime she completed many pieces in varying mediums. Close to her passing my family acknowledged, in awe, at all her incredible artistic accomplishments. My mom knew my grandmother had given us some of her paintings, but she had no idea where they were. My mom had also mentioned that we had my grandmother’s sketchbook with her original drawings and that she had, regrettably, lost track of that too.
Well, if you haven’t guessed, in the clutter of the old dusty TV stand I found all the paintings and the sketchbook my grandmother had given us 20 some years ago. As I looked through the paintings I was reminded warmly of my grandmother. I couldn’t help but think she had a hand in helping me find this.

The day I found my grandmothers artwork was December 10th. The next day would have been her 91st birthday. Now I’m sure many could say this was a coincidence, and there’s a large part of me that sides with you. I was close to my grandmother. There was part of me, perhaps, that was hoping for an experience.
However, finding her paintings in such an odd way, the day before her birthday, alongside an overwhelming urge I was being led to search for something, makes me hesitant to label this just a “coincidence”.
What really convinced me is what happened two weeks later. This next experience seemed to confirm that she may have been guiding and influencing me to find gifts she left behind.

Stay tuned for part two of “Gifts from my Grandmother”

Ain't she a beaut?

Ain’t she a beaut?

One of her paintings found in the old TV stand

One of her paintings found in the old TV stand

Another painting found in the old TV stand

Another painting found in the old TV stand

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