Gifts from beyond: Gifts from my Grandmother part II

December 11, 2016 by katrina in Gifts from Beyond
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Fast forward to Christmas. My sister was having a very hard time with the loss of our Grandmother. I wanted to give her a handmade present to mark the holiday, something that would represent the special relationship we had with our Grandmother.  A few years back my sister took her to Paris, a trip that was my Grandmother’s lifelong dream.  I decided it would be a perfect present to gather a few of the pictures from their European adventure and make a collage for my sister to hang in her house.

One of my favorite pictures from their trip!


This meant I had to venture to my parent’s house to gather some photographs. Now, it’s important to note that my mother is always taking pictures. She is “that” person. This isn’t an exaggeration. My mom has BOXES upon BOXES of photos in the living room. So many pictures for every little occasion I can assure you that in half of them we’re sporting an obvious, but loving, eye-roll.

This was going to be a challenge. When I got to my parent’s house I remember looking at the mountain of boxes and thinking, “Oh FUDDDDGGGEEEE” (only I didn’t say fudge) and simply putting off the daunting task.  I was leaving for Connecticut in the morning to visit a friend, so I decided to sift through the thousands of photographs when I returned.

I came back to my parent’s house late in the evening on Dec. 23rd. I was exhausted after a long holiday drive home (and the horrible traffic… thank you I84), and Hallmark Christmas movies were calling my name-I’m partial to “The Holiday Engagement” (Yes, I’m serious, it’s hilarious!), but any one would do (I not so secretly love them). The collage would have to wait until morning.

I awoke Christmas Eve in a scramble needing to finish the gift (cutting it close is a Katrina Christmas tradition). When I walked back into the living room, I noticed a blue note sitting on top of the boxes of photos. It caught my eye, as it was a shade of light blue that stood out against the faded yellow envelopes. I had not remembered it being there before my trip.  I moved closer, as to get a better look at the pretty blue note, and recognized the handwriting on it as my Grandmother’s. Curious, I picked it up. It was her old address and the postmark read Oct. 1990. It hadn’t been opened in sometime, as the glue had resealed the envelope shut, rather tightly I might add.

Of course, I had to open it. I was floored with what I had found. Inside was a special message my Grandmother had written to my sister.

Now, I need to add that my sister had been going through a particularly hard time in her life. Not only was she grieving heavily for our Grandmother, but she was also at a crossroads in terms of her career.

Her lifelong dream is to become a writer. Since she was a child she had a natural talent with words and storytelling. Her writing is a complete extension of her soul and I feel a piece of her is missing when she’s not actively creating her fictional worlds and vibrant characters. In the last few years she has wanted to return to the craft, but has been consumed with doubts.

The note, almost magically, seemed to say exactly what she needed to hear.



It read:  “What a nice surprise to receive a letter from my grown-up granddaughter! You write very well. Maybe that will be your future vocation, but no matter what you choose to do, I know you will do well as you have the intelligence, the beauty and the personality to be a winner in the game of life. Keep growing and learning as you have been. I am so proud of you!”

Incredible words of advice from the person she needed to hear it from the most.

Now comes the question I had to ask, “How did the note get here?” I questioned my parents for answers. My mom hadn’t seen it. If she had she would’ve recognized her own mother’s handwriting and opened it. My father echoed the same sentiments. Also, my dad never enters the living room, that’s mom’s domain. He would also never touch the photos, as they’ve been a source of unorganized frustration for him for nearly four decades. So mom and dad hadn’t seen nor had they placed it there. Lastly, remember, I was there the week before glancing at the photos and hadn’t seen the note. Yet, there it was sitting on top of all the photos in plain sight. Again, I’m left with the question, who put the note there?

Was this my Grandmother trying to communicate somehow? To me, it’s a little too coincidental to label it as just an ordinary occurrence. The note seemed to manifest out of thin air, and it was exactly the type of gift my sister so desperately needed at the time. This experience, coupled with the one that happened two weeks prior, makes me think there’s a possibility that something otherworldly was at play.

I’m extremely cautious before I label something paranormal, but I’ve also been in this field long enough to know that there are times it seems we do receive messages from the other side. To those who have experienced this type of phenomena, these messages truly can be gifts from beyond.

Make of it what you will. For me, I’m keeping a close eye on my set of keys.

If you’re wondering, my sister loved the gift!

image1-4 image2

Have you had a gift from beyond? If so, I’d love to read your story! Please write to me by going to the contact form here.

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