Need assistance with your haunted house? Atherton Paranormal is here to help!

February 28, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

If you missed the news late last year, I have co-founded a paranormal research group with my long time colleagues Heather Taddy and Josh Light! Atherton Paranormal is dedicated to researching the unknown while helping those being affected by these …

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Submit for Haunted Kitchens!

February 20, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Welcome to Haunted Kitchens, which is a monthly blog series focusing on haunted restaurants, bars, B&Bs and residential homes. Combining several of my passions, we’ll explore the history, paranormal claims and of course the food of some of the world’s …

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Season 2 Paranormal Lockdown

February 13, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Season 2 is currently on TLC! We’re down to the last few episodes of the new season so be sure to join us Friday nights at 9/8c!

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