Haunted Kitchens ~ Kat’s Kitchen: Pasta Salad

July 2, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

As we prepare to celebrate our country’s independence (sorry UK friends!) we are undoubtedly searching for that perfect dish to serve to our drunk friends and relatives (or is that just my family and friends?) during our 4th of July …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ The Rising Sun Inn Signature House Drink

May 7, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

With late nights, warm breezes, and days grilling on the deck right around the corner I can’t think of a better recipe to share than a signature cocktail from our friends at The Rising Sun Inn! Owner and Executive Chef, …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ Hamburger Row

March 27, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

“On street corners, young boys sold moonshine in six ounce Coca-Cola bottles for $1.25; prostitutes walked the streets and dope peddlers like Smiling Jack and Weasel tugged at people’s sleeves. Hamburger Row was filled with characters…”~ Plaque at Oil Heritage …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ The Francis Kaufman House

February 27, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Driving through the winding back roads of Pennsylvania is always like stepping through a bucolic portal. Every few miles you’ll find a small village that will thrust you back in time; a corner shop, a precious few centuries-old houses, and …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ Bube’s Brewery

January 30, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

In a time before electricity, refrigeration, and automobiles Bube’s Brewery was born. The breath that brought this building to life echoes in every corner…  Edited- Beck Rist Photography- Rachel Smith As you walk up to the building, you start to …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ Rum Cream Pie

December 27, 2018  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Hello my fellow Haunted Foodies! I hope all of you are enjoying your holidays and all the marvelous food that comes with it! In honor of Haunted Kitchens moving forward, I wanted to share one of my family’s favorite holiday …

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Haunted Kitchens: Easy Whipped Cream

December 24, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Being label conscious these days isn’t easy. As I’ve become more aware of what goes into some store-bought food I’ve sadly had to cut out a lot of my family’s favorites for health reasons. However, this just means we get …

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Haunted Kitchens: Sneak Peek Bube’s Brewery

November 13, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

The weekend ain’t over yet! Our friends at (the haunted) Bube’s Brewery  share with us one of their spook-licious drink recipes! The Flaming Bloody Brain Hemorrhage shot comes from Bube’s very own Mike Landis.   Flaming Bloody Brain Hemorrhage – This drink …

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Haunted Kitchens: The Shadow Man

October 31, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

The Shadow Man “The first time I viewed the house, I didn’t really feel that it was haunted…just that I belonged there with my family. The second time I viewed the house, I could feel there was a presence that …

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Submit for Haunted Kitchens!

February 20, 2017  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Welcome to Haunted Kitchens, which is a monthly blog series focusing on haunted restaurants, bars, B&Bs and residential homes. Combining several of my passions, we’ll explore the history, paranormal claims and of course the food of some of the world’s …

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