Haunted Kitchens ~ The Rising Sun Inn Signature House Drink

May 7, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

With late nights, warm breezes, and days grilling on the deck right around the corner I can’t think of a better recipe to share than a signature cocktail from our friends at The Rising Sun Inn! Owner and Executive Chef, …

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The Future of Paranormal Lockdown…

March 28, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

As I’m sure you have heard over the last few weeks, and I write this with a heavy heart,  that unfortunately, Paranormal Lockdown has officially been cancelled and will not be continuing. We certainly envisioned a few more years when …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ Hamburger Row

March 27, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

“On street corners, young boys sold moonshine in six ounce Coca-Cola bottles for $1.25; prostitutes walked the streets and dope peddlers like Smiling Jack and Weasel tugged at people’s sleeves. Hamburger Row was filled with characters…”~ Plaque at Oil Heritage …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ The Francis Kaufman House

February 27, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Driving through the winding back roads of Pennsylvania is always like stepping through a bucolic portal. Every few miles you’ll find a small village that will thrust you back in time; a corner shop, a precious few centuries-old houses, and …

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Haunted Kitchens ~ Bube’s Brewery

January 30, 2019  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

In a time before electricity, refrigeration, and automobiles Bube’s Brewery was born. The breath that brought this building to life echoes in every corner…  Edited- Beck Rist Photography- Rachel Smith As you walk up to the building, you start to …

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