Atherton Paranormal now accepting cases!

December 13, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

If you missed the news earlier this year, I have co-founded a paranormal research group with my long time colleagues Heather Taddy and Josh Light! Atherton Paranormal is dedicated to researching the unknown while helping those being affected by these …

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Gifts from beyond: Gifts from my Grandmother part II

December 11, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments


Fast forward to Christmas. My sister was having a very hard time with the loss of our Grandmother. I wanted to give her a handmade present to mark the holiday, something that would represent the special relationship we had with …

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Paranormal Lockdown Season 2 12/16 on TLC!

December 10, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

We are less than one week away for the premiere of Paranormal Lockdown season 2 now airing on TLC! I am beyond excited for you guys to see our investigations for season 2. I’ve been in this field for over …

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Help protect tigers!

November 29, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

I am so happy that I work with a company that cares about our wildlife and is actively joining in the fight to protect these beautiful creatures. Today, there are less than 4,000 tigers left in the wild. That’s a …

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Sneak peek of my new blog series: Haunted Kitchens!

November 20, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

Welcome to Haunted Kitchens, which is a monthly blog series focusing on haunted restaurants, bars, B&Bs and residential homes. Combining several of my passions, we’ll explore the history, paranormal claims and of course the food of some of the world’s …

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BIG announcement!

October 25, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

We are beyond excited to announce that Paranormal Lockdown’s 2-hour Halloween special will now air on TLC on Halloween night starting at 9PM EST!! I hope you’ll all join in the fun (aka one of the most terrifying moments of my …

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Two Hour Halloween Special airs Halloween Night!

September 7, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

We’re so excited to announce that our TWO HOUR Halloween Special is airing Halloween night! Watch what happens when Nick and I investigate the infamous Black Monk House in England. This was one of the most incredible, draining, and challenging …

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In The News

June 24, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

6/18/2016 The REAL female Ghostbusters!

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Radio interviews

June 24, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

6/26/16- Join me on Renee Live 9PM EST!

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Paranormal Lockdown, Season 2!

June 8, 2016  /   By katrina  /   No Comments

If you haven’t heard yet, we’re going into season 2 of Paranormal Lockdown! We are so excited to continue this journey and can’t wait to show you the locations we’ll be LIVING in! Stay tuned for more information and look …

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